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Don't they get worked up!!!

You should have heard her, talk about panic, I mean, I know she only does it because she cares, but SHEESH!

In order to get into our burrow, you have to go through a thing called a porch. If you can imagine, it's like a really tiny room there the 2-foots hang their coats before they open another door that lets them into the burrow. Anyway... There have been a few flies in the porch. Not the kind that lay the eggs on buns, but nevertheless not very nice. The puzzling thing is, the porch is pretty much sealed, so where are the flies coming from?

Anyway, the 2-foot with the fur on the top of her head has been really panicking because of these flies, she's convinced that they are going to somehow get into the burrow and harm us, and it doesn't matter how many times the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head tells her that they are the wrong kind of flies, she won't stop thrutching about them.

It only the pair of them would shut up and give us some peace!

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