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Does anybun know what whine is? The 2-foots keep several bottles of it, and every so often they will open one or two and then drink it. I have to say it smells pretty awful, although in some ways it smells a bit fruity, but... well... I can't really put my paw on it, but if you know what I mean it just doesn't smell right. The other thing about it is the more of it they drink, the more stupid they act, until if they drink enough of it, they just fall asleep.

I was wondering if whine was some kind of weapon that we could use in the LIA. Would anybun who knows anything about it please report back so that I can pass the information back to agent 001.

Agent 0014 (realising that it's getting near the end of the month when the awards are handed out).
Tags: agent 0014

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