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Greetings everybun.

I am becoming increasingly concerned about 2-foots in general. I know that Merry & Ringo have one that until recently was full of tubes, and the other one is a loony. Now it would seem that the Gower Bun Gang have problems with their 2-foot too, and as for ours... well... words fail me!

This has got me wondering. Perhaps we have chosen badly when we decided to keep 2-foots as pets. They are noisy, unreliable, they stink, and they spend far too much time away from the burrow. When you add to that how unstable they are both mentally and physically, I'm beginning to think that we should look at alternatives.

Woofs are no good because they can't bring us things from the Sainsbury's allotment. Meows are no good either because they are lazy. Hefalumps might be alright, but I don't know where you get them from, and doll-finns seem pleasant enough but they do need such a large pond.

I would be really interested to know if you have any suggestions for alternative pets. I'm not suggesting that we have our 2-foots put to sleep or anything like that (well maybe some of them, but we could decide that later), as I'm sure that there are rescues that would take them in.

So come on everybun, let's hear your ideas!


Jun. 27th, 2007 04:28 pm (UTC)
Hmmmm.... I've had to think on this one overnight.

Pet humans are a frail species with far too many design faults - balancing on their hind feet, teeth that stop growing and all the other defects we've discussed through the journals.

But, they do have their uses. Mum has saved my life once and my girls' lives twice. She's also very good with our poo and seems to know instinctively when we're not quite right. Yes, she's clumsy, scatty, absent-minded and stinks out the burrow with kippers but she doesn't complain too much about my compulsive shopping, ensures we always have our food, hay and treats and, because she isn't clever enough to go out to work, she's here 24/7 to be at our service and will do almost anything for us - especially if we look deep into her eyes (which are also faulty).

So, I think I'm quite lucky to have her as a pet human along with my girls, whom I love very much and whom I also think of as my 'pets' - and I can't wait for my little pet grandbunnies to arrive.


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