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Flopsy & Me

You know it feels to me like I talk about Flopsy Girl a lot. I certainly think about her a lot, and yet I keep being asked to tell you all more about her.....

Flopsy Girl is 3 years 3 months old (I just love experienced older women). She is a dwarf lop, so she is just a tiny bit bigger than me as I am a satin. Flopsy Girl is really fluffy and cuddly, and she is a grey and white with butterly markings on her nose. I think she is the prettiest rabit in the world.

This has been a really good summer for us, as one of the 2-foots has been at home most of the time, so we have had lots of freedom, and lots of time to spend in the garden. When we are not running about we like to find a spot out of the way. like under the table, and just lay down and watch the 2-foots being stupid.... I mean what is it with them? they are so disorganised! They seem to spend their whole time running about and worrying about things, and then when they do finally settle down and look at the light up box in the corner, they usually end up falling asleep. That's another thing. They don't do like we do and just sleep for a few minutes, they sleep for hours and hours and hours. What a waste of time. It's a good job that we have lots of toys with bells in them so that we can wake them up whenever we want to. As I write this, I am still chewing some cabbage from a HUGE basket of greens that my 2-foot brought us. There were carrots from the garden, a bag of salad, spring cabbage, kale, fine beans, toast and herbs..... That's the life!

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