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I have decided.
I need to use all of my powers.
I need to learn to control even more...

If you want to know your 2-foot, or more to the point CONTROL your 2-foot you need to get a thing called a Sigh-Colly-Gee. What a Sigh-Colly-Gee does is get inside your 2-foots head (I think it goes in through the ears, although it could go up the nose), and having got there allows you to operate complete control over your 2-foot.

Although I have established that I need to get a Sigh-Colly-Gee, I'm dammed if I can find one anywhere. I've looked in all the cupboards and even inside the 2-foot's wardrobes, but there doesn't seem to be one in the burrow at all.

It's a shame that Maddie is a bit under the weather as she is good at shopping, and would probably be able to buy one for me, but I don't like asking her at the moment.

I would REALLY appreciate it if anybun could help me find a Sigh-Colly-Gee. Maybe it's a job for the LIA. What do you think?

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