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Hello readers.

Today, I want to talk about windows. Not the kind that you use on your computer, or even the ones that are inthe house, no I would like to ask if anybun knows why the 2 foots put windows in front of their eyes?

As you know, I have two pet 2-foots. One is a female who always balances small windows on top of her nose and peers through them, and a male who up to now has hardly used these windows at all, but now seems to be using them more and more. Now I can understand why they would want to look through the house windows, as that way they can see the garden, and then they can see if the weather is nice enough for us all to go and play outside, but let's be honest. If you put small windows in front of your eyes, they are not going to let you see anything that you are not aready looking at, so why bother?

I'm worried about my 2-foots. I would hate to think that they were getting so stupid that they would forget to feed us, or to clean our house. If anybun has any advice. or if you know why the 2-foots might be acting so irrationally, then I would REALLY appreciate it.

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