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A Polly-see decision from the deputy Pry-Minister.

Millie Bun has asked me to help her to formulate some polly-see as she had an important nap to take, so I have come up with the following.

1. It is the polly-see of the bunny-mint that everybun should have a piece of vetbed to lie on.
2. 2-foots are to ensure that polly-see number 1 is adhered to
3. Carrots MUST have green tops on when served.
4. treats should always be available on demand.
5. Everybun should be provided with a blankie by their 2-foot.
6. I am not fat, I am just big boned
7. Nose rubs are to be provided for everybun as and when we deem it necessary.

That should do for now, anybun think of any more?

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