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I am a bun of stature!

Millie says that I am somewhat overweight... This is nonsense! I am a buck, and therefore big and strong. I need to be big and strong and not weedy so that I can protect Millie against any intruders in our burrow such as violent cardboard boxes or vicious cabbage (which I tend to deal with by eating it).

Millie says tat I eat too much, but I need to test all of the food before she eats it to make sure that it's safe. As a good LIA agent AND deputy Pry-Minister, I need to use all of my skills to protect Pry-Minister Millie. Another good reason for me being big is that she cn hide behind me if there is any danger.

I think that Millie is thinking that I eat a lot because I am greedy. This is of course not the case. I only do it for her benefit. Hang on... I hear a 2-foot... That could mean treats... or even a carrot... ANYWAY, MUST DASH, I'LL WRITE AGAIN SOON!

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