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Ooops, don't forget...

It's your last chance to vote for the bunny tunes chart for this week...

On another subject though...

Today, we sent the 2-foots off to raise pellet tokens for Bunny Camp. For most of the day it was sunny, so they had a lot of visitors who left pellet tokens.

Here are a few pictures.

First, a big white bunny that mugs passers by and demands all of their pellet tokens.

Next, one of the sponsor buns having a pedicure

Madhulika the Bunny Camp Mascot

This is Lionel, a Frenchie awaiting a home and enjoying a cuddle

When We find out how many pellet tokens were raised, we will publish a full report with pictures in Bunny Camp News.

P.S. The 2-foots brought us lots of treats and some wooden stick things to chew!!!

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