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A con-ser-ted and well planned attack!

I don't know about anybun else, but I am moulting quicker than a bunny 500! My fur is coming out in HUGE tufts. In fact over the last week, I'm sure I have shed enough fur to make another 3 bunnies!

Anyway... We have trained our pet 2-foots to groom us when we are moulting, so we used this to our advantage today. I decided not to stay still while the 2-foots groomed me so that they would lift me up onto the top of of our condo and do it there. There was of course a very good reason for this. In order to use the top of the condo, they had to move some things off it to make room. One of the things they had to lift down was a HUGE bag of treats!

While I distracted the 2-foots by being difficult, Millie got to the bag of treats, opened it, and stole some dried parsnip chips, and an alfalfa cube. The 2-foots just stood open mouthed when they saw what My Millie had done. We just laughed and shared the treats. RESULT!!!

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