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The 2-foots make themselves useful (for a change)

We sent the 2-foots on a mission today... There is a place... not a good place... called Pets at home. This is a place where rabbits & 2-foots get together, but the buns are not given the chance to check out the 2-foots first, they just get put together in a haphazard way that might not work out. All the buns there are very young

So they are not experienced enough to be able to sort out the good 2-foots from the bad. So anyway, we sent our 2-foots on a Rabbit Awareness Mission

We instructed our 2-foots to tell all the 2-foots intending to be adopted by a bun exactly how to be a bunny slave, and if they didn't think they were good enough, to be a slave to something like a mowse instead.

We told them as well to collect lots of pellet tokens for the rabbit welfare association, so they collected £60 worth. All in all, a satisfactory result I think!

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