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I've found out where they are keeping it!

...I just need to find out why?

I have discovered that the 2-foots have several bags of assorted fur. These are speshul bags called cush-ins. They are not at all careful where they store these bags, they just leave them thrown about on the fur-nit-ure, sometimes, they even sit on them!

Millie & I made this startling discovery when we chewed a cush-in and found that it was stuffed with what seemed to be fur (although it didn't smell like ours, so I guess they must have been collecting fur for a long time).

I know that 2-foots live longer than bunnies, which must be a real drag for them as we at least know that we can go to the rainbow bridge after just a few years, whereas they have to hang around for what seems like FOREVER! So maybe it's a way of remembering all of the buns that they have slaved for... Collecting their fur and stuffing it in speshul bags... Seems a bit weird... But then after all, they are 2-foots!

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