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Sad Day

There is a 2-foot that comes to visit us two or three times a year. She is called Aged Auntie Gladys, and the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head goes to see her every Saturday. Anyway, about six years ago, Aged Auntie Gladys was adopted by a meow. He had been visiting for a while, but one day he decided to stay. He had lived in a burrow close by, but they had got tired of him, and a woof had moved in there, and Tico (for that was the meow's name) didn't enjoy it there any more, so as Aged Auntie Gladys was kind to him (as she always is to us when she comes to visit), he decided to stay with her instead. Both Tico and Aged Auntie Gladys seemed happy with the arrangement, although Aged Auntie Gladys would complain about Tico sometimes, really she loved him a lot.

About a year ago, Tico became ill. He had a swelling in his face and he had nosebleeds. Our 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head helped Aged Auntie Gladys to take Tico to the vet, who said that he couldn't cure Tico, and that he would probably leave Lagamorphia before Chris-Moose, but Tico loved Aged Auntie Gladys, and he knew how much she loved him, so he decided to stick around for as long as he could.

Tico did his best, but in the last few weeks he realised that he had to begin to accept that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stay with Aged Auntie Gladys forever, so today, Tico said goodbye. Aged Auntie Gladys is very sad now, and because she is so old, she says that it wouldn't be fair to let another animal adopt her as she is no longer strong enough to be a good slave. I think that when she feels a bit better, we might invite her to stay with us for a couple of days so that we can cheer her up, and besides... She ALWAYS brings us a present!!!

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