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A wasted evening

So... I thought to myself, it wouldn't hurt to spend some time watching the light up box. HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE!!!

I watched it for an hour, and it was a complete con! It was SUPPOSED to be a program about the Why? valley. Now as everybun knows, the Why? valley is where Maddie and her daughters (who she loves very much) and her grandbunnies live, so I was very much looking forward to seeing them, but guess what? THEY WERE NOT ON, NOT EVEN ONCE!!! All it was a bout was a 2-foot canoodling... Er, perhaps I should explain, canoodling is what a 2-foot does in a canoe.. OK, I can see I need to explain some more, a canoe is like a little boat thing that a 2-foot sits in and floats along the water, and as the 2-foot floats along, this is called canoodling. Anyway, as I was saying, the whole of the program about the Why? valley consisted of this 2-foot canoodling. WHAT A WASTE OF VALUABLE SNOOZING TIME!!!

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