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And Frith knows I need to chill, it's been so hot and sticky here this last couple of days that I couldn't even summon the strength to make an entry in my journal yesterday!

I have some more news on Aged Auntie Gladys. Regular readers will know that her friend Tico the meow went to the rainbow bridge last week, and Aged Auntie Gladys had taken the loss quite badly. Tico had been unwell for quite some time, and for the last month, Aged Auntie Gladys had not been going to bed so that she could stay close to Tico in case he needed her. This would affect any 2-foot quite badly, but one as old as Aged Aunty Gladys (who has been round the sun 86 times) really struggles with the lack of proper sleep. Anyway, she has been quite ill all week, but the good news is, she is a lot better today. The 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head spent most of the day with her and she cheered up a lot, had a very nice lunch (if you can call 2-foot food nice), and enjoyed watching the sport on the light up box. I think she will be ok now.

The 2-foots are going to change the colour of the walls in the burrow soon (Don't ask me why, apparently 2-foots do this kind of thing), and when they have done it, they are going to use that as an excuse to bring Aged Auntie Gladys to see us... which will of course mean extra treats...

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