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I just have to tell you how proud I am of Flopsy Girl. I mean to most of us, housework is a chore, but Flopsy Girl just loves it. Ever since our 2-foot brought us the new castle, Flopsy Girl has been inspecting it, and giving the inside a good chewing to make sure that all of the dors and windows are just the right size and shape.

I've not seen much of the 2-foot today, he's been gardening, and he had a bonfire. He does not let us play out when he has a bonfire, as he says it is too dangerous. I don't see why though, he's big, clumsy, and stupid, and he manages all right with it. The one good thing about him doing the garden, is that he brought us some carrots and some dandilions (our favourite), so I suppose that makes up for not going outside.

Must go, Flopsy wants me to take a look at what she has done to one of the castle windows......

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