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The 2-foot training manual

There has been much discussion about writing a 2-foot training manual. Should one burrow write it all? how do we give it a theme?

Well I think I have the answer. We can base the chapters on RWA leaflets. Here is a list of titles. If anybun wants to have a go at one of the titles, I will e-mail you a copy of the leaflet to use as a guide. In brackets after some of the titles I have made some suggestions of what you might turn them into.

1. Is a rabbit for me (Is a 2-foot for me)
2. Bunny M.O.T. - How to keep your rabbit running smoothly
3. Having your rabbit neutered
4. Flystrike
5. The RWF guide to feeding your rabbit (the guide to getting treats from your 2-foot)
6. Bunny Buddies - why every rabbit needs a friend
7. The long and short of it - dealing with long haired rabbits (dealing with bald or furry 2-foots)
8. Rabbits need SECS (2-foots need sense)
9. Biting the hand that feeds

Could I have some volunteers please?

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