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Inavasion of the Bunny Slaves

So there I am, kipping in the condo, away from all the noise and mess (the 2-foots are pulling off all the old wallpaper) when a bell rang. I should explain, there is a special bell that tells us when there are 2-foots outside the door, anyway, this bell rang, and a couple of 2-foots were there. It turns out that they belong to Jazz & Ollie and wanted to see what a REALLY handsome bun looked like, so I showed them! Millie on the other hand showed them how a Pry-Minister should behave by allowing them to give her a cuddle.

I instructed the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head to give them some hay and a toy to take to Jazz & Ollie and of course our very best wishes. I wonder who will come next... Merry & Ringo's 2-foots perhaps? It can't be THAT much of a swim...

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