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It's good to know what is important...

I've been looking back through the recent entries in my journal.

In the last week, these are the subjects I have written about and the number of comments each one has prompted.

18th September - Eating wallpaper - 4 comments
19th September - Having a gate blocking our path to the living room - 7 comments
21st September - Our 2-foots staying up all night sticking new wallpaper up - 8 comments
22nd September - The 2-foots putting purr-spex up in front of the new wallpaper - 8 comments
23rd September - The 2-foots wasting pellet tokens on the lot-or-ree - 7 comments
24th September - The bunny tunes chart - 4 comments
25th September - Poo - 11 comments!!!

I now dee-juice from this that the most important thing in your lives is poo.

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