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An Eventful Day

Always concious that we must not give the 2-foots the opportunity to get lazy, today we sent them to a place called Barn's - Lea. Although they were out in the middle of nowhere next to a barn, they set up their RWA stand and had a rabbit awareness day in the local Pets At Home Store (although why there was one of those at the side of a barn I'm not sure.

Once again, they spoke to lots of other 2-foots about how to look after buns, and robbed them of pellet tokens for the RWA. What is even MORE important though is they brought a new tunnel home with them for us to run through!!!

...And finally, while the 2-foots were out, Millie & I were busy producing Bunny Camp News. Those of you who get it by e-mail should have had it by now, but everybun else can read it on the net as usual at www.freewebs.com/pookiesplodge

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