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Millie is not amused

All in all it's not been a bad day. True the 2-foots decided to stay here all day, but that in itself can bring rewards. I can say with honesty that I've not been without strokes or treats at any time today!

The only has been though it's been one of those days when the 2-foots have decided to do some jobs around the burrow One of the jobs that the one with no fur on the top of his head has done is to take all our smells away on the car-pet outside the bedroom door by scrubbing it with some foamy stuff. Then, when it had dried, he put some of that slippy stuff that the kit-chin floor is covered with underneath our litter tray & food & water bowls. (I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but we have an upstairs eating & pooing area as well as a downstairs one). Anyway, it doesn't bother me, I'll hop across any kind of floor for a pellet, but Millie on the other paw HATES hopping over the slippy stuff. I must admit though, she's managed to cope with it, and although she's still complaining about it, she's handling the situation very well. After all, it's worth hopping over a bit of slippy stuff to get on the 2-foots bed isn't it?


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