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Millie has given me a list... Not just any old list you understand, but a list of things she expects me to do for her! Well, nuts to that, here's a list of all the things I do anyway.

1. Food testing - I test all the food before Millie gets there to make sure it's alright.
2. Treat begging - Millie won't go on the slippery floor in the kit-chin, so I'm the one who goes in there and makes the 2-foots sort treats out for us.
3. Pillow - I act as a pillow for Millie whenever she's tired
4. I'm eye candy, I give her something nice to gaze at whenever she likes
5. I snuggle up and keep her warm
6. I lick her sometimes... not often, but sometimes...
7. I'm big and strong and I look after her

So what do you think to MY list then?

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