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My 2-foot needs cheering up.

So you know I told you that my 2-foot has got a new job....

Well anyway, he seems to really like it. He says that there are rabbits running about all over the place, and he can see them from his office window. Also, at lunchtime, he can walk to a place called Harlow Carr Gardens, which sounds good to me, because if it's anything like our garden, then there will be lots of nice things to eat in it.

However... there is always a however...... Right next to where my 2-foot works, there is a laboratory (I'm not sure what a laboratory is, but it sounds horrific), anyway, in this laboratory, they have rabbits who never get any exercise, there is nobody to look after them, and they do horrible things to them. Apparently, every so often, some 2-foots come along, and shout at all the other 2-foots who come out of the laboratory and call them names, which is fine if they are doing horrible things to the rabbits. The problem is though, the 2-foots who are doing all of the shouting, don't know who the laboratory 2-foots are, and who the 2-foots are that just work door and have nothing to do with all of the bad things that are going on, so they shout bad things at everybody.

Tonight, when my 2-foot was coming home, these shouting 2-foots said some really horrible things to him and called him all kinds of nasty names, which made him very upset, as he does anything he can to help ALL rabbits (which often makes me jealous, but then again, I can't really complain, I know he loves me best of all).

I just wish that all of the 2-foots could be more sensible, I mean I'm sure that there is no justification for any 2-foot do do horrible things to rabbits, and I'm also sure that the 2-foots who do the shouting are trying their best to stop the nasty things from happening, but it's not fair that they shout at my 2-foot, because he would NEVER hurt a rabbit.

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