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A Con-tree-verse-shall suggestion.

I have been giving a lot of thought to the Bunny Tunes Chart and how we can keep it to a more manageable size in future, and I have come up with this idea. Starting next week, as well as voting for your favourite Bunny Tune, I would like to ask everybun to nommy-nate the title of 1 song that they are never ever likely to vote for again. Each song nommy-nated will be dropped from the chart until it gets to a more manageable size (So we end up eventually with say a top 20 or 30).

That doesn't mean that you can't vote for songs that don't show up in the chart anymore, you can. That way there can be re-entries, but if you vote for a song that is outside the chart, then you also would need to nommy-nate a song to drop from the chart.

I think that would make the chart more interesting. What does everybun else think?

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