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The return of the 25ft needle - IMPORTANT LIA INFORMATION

This evening we went to see Auntie Francis (the best bunny vet in the world) to wish her a hoppy new year.

While we were there, we let her clip our claws and stick the 25ft needle in us to protect us against VHD. In a couple of weeks we will go back and see her again to get protection against Myxi.

Auntie Francis reported that 2007 was the WORST year she had EVER seen for myxi infections. She has 12 buns that live with her and although they are all injected and have the very best care possible two of them caught Myxi and one of them went to the Rainbow Bride because of it. When Auntie Francis complained to the 2-foots that make the vaccine, they were not very helpful. They said that because wild buns came into her garden they put her buns at risk. Auntie Francis pointed out that the vaccine was supposed to protect buns at risk and that's what she used it for, but the 2-foots (being 2-foots) didn't understand what she was on about!

However... Auntie Francis DID say that after thinking about it, despite coming into daily contact with Myxi, all of her other buns survived. This shows that for the most part, the vaccine did it's job and so it is VITAL that all LIA members should insure that they keep their vaccinations up to date, 25foot needle or no 25ft needle!!!

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