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Your weekly reminder

Hello everybun.

By now, most of you should be getting REALLY familiar with Bunny Tunes 3 so anybun that has not et written a review, then WHY NOT???

The real point of today's message though is to remind everybun to vote in the bunny tunes chart. So far we have only had votes from Jazz, Ollie, Merry, Ringo, Star & Sweetpea, so come on the rest of you, GET VOTING!!!
We are sending the 2-foots out this afternoon to visit Aged Auntie Gladys, which means that we will have some peace & quiet. Millie had to jump on their bed 4 TIMES last night to get them to stop snoring, at least that's what she said, though I thought it was suspicious that when she jumped down again she was chewing and smelled of pellets...

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