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A comp-lick-hated new song

I have written a new song for my 2-foots to record, but the one with no fur on the top of his head who would have to do the music for it keeps complaining that it's too difficult and comp-lick-hated for him. Anyway, I thought that I'd share the lyrics with you to try to get him to practice it more...

There’s two bunnies that know hay should glitter like gold
So they’re buying a farm down in Devon

When they get there they know if the gates are all closed
With a thump they can get them to open

Ooooooooooo and they’re buying a farm down in Devon

There’s a sign on the door but they want to be sure
‘Cos they know 2-foot’s words have no meaning

In a field by a road they see carrots have growed
Sometimes all the best food’s there for eating

Ooooo it makes me binkie…. Ooooo and it makes me binkie

There’s a feeling I get that the fur on my chest
Will look oh so much better for preening

In my dreams I have seen fields of hay through the trees
And the noses of those who stand sniffing

Ooooo it makes me binkie…. Ooooo and it makes me binkie

And it’s whispered that soon that the man in the moon
Will make sure that the sun will turn hotter

And a new day will dawn when we’re all nice and warm
And we’ll all eat ‘till we are much fatter

If there’s a rustle in your hay don’t be alarmed now, I’m just tasting it to check it
Yes there are two kinds we could grow now but in the long run
There’s still time to change the hay you’re on

Ooooo it makes me binkie…. Ooooo and it makes me binkie

Your legs are running so you can go where you want to
So you can run ‘till the sunset

Dear bunny can you smell the hedgerow and did you know
A binkie lives on the whispering wind…..


And as we hop on down the road, our ears are taller as they grow
There hop the bunnies we all know, who’ll grow the hay so they can show
How autumn hay still turns to gold, and if you listen very hard
The thought will come to you at last that all you really need to know
Is he’s a buck, and you’re a doe…………

And they’re buying a farm down in Devon

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