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The dreaded rabbit show

I now have a full report for the LIA of the big rabbit show that ends National Rabbit Week.

First the good news. Most of the buns have water, and a lot have food. Many also have toys.

Now the bad news. There are still far too many buns kept in cramped conditions like this, and bear in mind, some of the buns stay in these cages for 3 DAYS!!!

and this

Some buns had no water - if you look carefully you can see that the water bottle is empty

Some poor buns had no food or water and were being made to stand on painful metal grids

Some of the 2-foots were handling buns really roughly

The worst thing that was reported to me was this. here are two pictures of buns that are in the back of a metal box on wheels.

This report brought back terrible memories of the time when I had to go to rabbit shows. I will not rest until treating buns like this is a thing of the past!

Sir Cedric Rex OBE Agent 0014

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