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Pankake day?

Never have I seen such ex-tassy displayed by a 2-foot when eating their disgusting food. Apparently, there is just one day a year when they are allowed to eat pankakes... Now let me tell you about pankakes... first, they take some white dust and put it into a bowl. Then, they take some things that have come out of a chickens bottom, break them open, and then add them to the white dust. After which, they add some white stuff from a moo, and finally pour in some water. After this, they mix it all up and then pour small amounts of the mixture onto a hot thing to burn it a bit. When they have finished burning it on one side, they throw it up in the air and catch it again and then burn it on the other side before pouring some foul smelling stuff on it and then they eat it.

All the time this was going on, I was enjoying a SUPERB salad. I am SO lucky not to have been born a 2-foot!

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