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The weekend cometh

As I prepare to chill for the weekend, I think a reflection on all the events of the past week are in order.

The BunnyTunes chart on Monday featured songs that were all down to Loopy. She told us when she did the last problem page for Bunny Camp News that it was probably her final one, then last weekend she confided in us that she was packing all her things ready for her journey to the rainbow bridge. As you all know, she made the journey there on Wednesday. Her old discarded body is now buried in her favourite spot in her garden. There will be daffodils growing there in spring so that any visiting bun will be able to stop and raise a paw to a truly great bun.

There were other things of course. There was Pankake day on Tuesday, and time spent jumping all over the 2-foots in their bed yesterday. Today though, before I go, I MUST just remind everybun who has placed their votes for next week's BunnyTunes Chart. We have had votes so far from:- Merry, Ringo, Burrow Court, Star, Sweetpea, Jazz, Jettymob, Gretchen, & Maddie. So anybun that has not voted needs to tell us their choice in the next couple of days.

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