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The story of the Prison Cages.

This is a true story. It shows how if we train our 2-foots we can make a difference to the lives of HUNDREDS of buns!

There are many allotments where our food comes from. Some are called Asda or Wallmart, some are called Morrisons, Some are called Sainsburys, but the biggest of all is called Tesco.

The Tesco allotment has many things that you can obtain in exchange for pellet tokens. There's food (of course!), big white things to do the washing, light up boxes, vacuum monsters, 'puters, but most important to this story they have CAGES.

Here's how we first found out about what was happening. As you know, our 2-foots are members of the R.W.A.F. (Rabbit welfare association & fund). The R.W.A.F. do lots of work to make sure that buns are well looked after. Anyway, last October, the R.W.A.F. contacted the Tesco Allotment because... Well, here's a quote:-

"One of our members has kindly contacted us about their local Tesco
store stocking extremely small ‘value’ rabbit hutches for £40. They
have also been seen in other large branches of Tesco and, from what I
have been told, are absolutely tiny, not big enough for any small
animal, let alone a rabbit. It would appear that the discount hutches
are part of a national promotion.

Our Welfare Officer contacted Tesco in October of last year pointing
out that they are selling hutches well below our recommended minimum
of 6 x 2 x 2 feet. The letter cited the Animal Welfare Act and
explained that by stocking these small hutches Tesco is sending a
message to consumers which undermines the basic message of proper
animal welfare. The response received from Tesco was far from
satisfactory and showed little sign of them discontinuing the products
that fall below the recommended standard.

We are contacting Tesco again but it would make a massive difference
if you could add weight to the argument by voicing your own concerns
directly to Tesco, and try and make them accept their responsibility
as a retailer to support and promote good animal welfare.

Supermarkets are all about profit so if they get enough complaints
then they may well see sense.

The email address to write it is customer.service@tesco.co.uk.

Thanks for all your support, it really does make a difference."

Well after that, LOADS of 2-foots bombarded Tesco's customer services with complaints, but STILL nothing happened, so Pry-Minister Millie & I had a meeting. We decided to see if we could find out how to contact the big boss of the Tesco's allotment who is a 2-foot called Sir Terry Leahy (although I'm not sure why he is called Sir, I've checked with the LIA and they have no record of granting him an award, anyway, I digress...) We found Sir Terry Leahy's e-mail address and sent him a message telling him all about it. Now it MAY be co-incidence, but within a day of us sending the e-mail, the tiny cages had been withdrawn from sale, and all the other cages they sell carry the following message.

"This rabbit cage is intended for keeping your rabbit safe for short periods of time. It is not intended to be the sole and permanent home for your pet, but part of a bigger and more appropriate environment. Contact your vet for any further advice required."

Now I think that this is one of the biggest and best things that we have been able to achieve in the history of the LIA. but we mustn't hit back on our haunches and leave it at that. We MUST remain vigilant at all times to ensure that whenever we can act to make a difference that we do so. That's the only way that we can make everybun's life better. Remember, there are many buns in Lagamorphia that did not choose their 2-foots as well as we did . We must do all we can to help them.

I'm sorry that this has been such a long post, but I thought that it was something worth passing on to everybun.

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