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On the streets?

First, the good news. There is still food, and we are still eating it. I'm beginning to wonder where the pellet tokens are coming from though.

Millie (who is very wise - you have to be wise to be Pry-Minister). has been doing some re-search on t'internet, and she thinks that she may have found the answer.

Apparently, some 2-foots go out on the streets to sell their bodies, and our pet 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head used to sell things to earn pellet tokens, and he DOES go out in the street at least once a day.

Now I must admit to being confused by this. For a start, who would want to buy his body? and secondly, he still has it with him whenever he comes home. Perhaps he's agreeing to sell his body, taking the pellet tokens and then running away, but if that's the case, what's to stop some disgruntled 2-foot following him home and demanding that he hands it over... Then what will we do? If he doesn't have a body, how will he get our food ready?

I think more re-search is required.

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