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LIA Report - The Otley Show

As I told everybun yesterday, today was the day that I sent the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head to Otley Show. He he is sat with Jim from Bunny Camp

The weather was quite nice in the morning, but I have to report that it was cold and wet in the afternoon so the show was not as well attended as we would have hoped. Nevertheless, lots of 2-foots were instructed how to look after buns and several that attended the Rabbit Show tent where all the buns were cramped and miserable (see below)

Were told in no uncertain manner that if they wanted to see HAPPY buns in good condition that they should come and see Giovani, Lucinda, and Mikaela in their run on the Bunny Camp Stand.

Here's a close up of them

The bad news is though that although lots of advice was dispensed, and some 2-foots promised to visit Bunny Camp, not much was forthcoming in the way of pellet tokens... So now I just have to wait and see what treats we've got...

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