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Ever changing Lagamorphia

It was an interesting hex-perry-mint just posting my picture. I did indeed have lots of comments. I can't let this hop-or-tune-ity pass by though, today I have to write something.

I just wanted to write to say that we are all thinking about Velvet and Bozley. Two very different buns who live many hops apart, and yet both are important members of our global community. Velvet has been with us for a long time. Bozley is but a young bun, but both of them mean a lot to us.

When I think of the changes that we have had since Dandy first started this journal. Very few of the buns that we can read about then are still around. There were Gin & Tonic, Bunny-Bunny, Thumper-Binx, and many others that have either lost the drive to write or that have gone to the rainbow bridge, but still we go on, and we grow, and our influence spreads.

I hope that Velvet & Bozley don't leave us yet, but even if they do, we know that our community will continue to grow.

Lagamorphia will go from strength to strength.

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