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An Important announcement

On Sunday 6th July at a location near Maddie's Burrow we are going to hold Live Hay'd. This is a project that will be filmed for a DVD and you are ALL invited to attend!!!

Anybun that has contributed a song, or anybun that would like to contribute a song, or anybun who would like to just come and watch and sing along is very very welcome. If you think that it may be too stressful for you to attend personally, then send your 2-foots and let them do it in your place.

Live Hay'd is intended to be a transatlantic event, but due to Merry & Ringo's 2-foot being unwell they will probably have to hold their Live Hay'd a little bit later on, but I can promise you that it will ALL be on a DVD.

Maddie has found us a location that is out in the country, quiet, and secluded, so we will be undisturbed while we do our filming. Our 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head will provide most of the musical accompaniment (never mind, you can't have everything), but if you already have backing tracks (Like Jazz & Bosley's 2-foots) then they can be used instead.

Live Hay'd is the most egg-sigh-ting BunnyTunes project yet, I hope that you will all support it.

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