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The Live Hay'd Anthem

I want everybun to learn the words of the Live Hay'd anthem. It will be sung as the finale of the Live Hay'd concerts at both sides of the big pond. The Live Hay'd DVD will feature a composite performance so that all participants appear on it!

So here it is, the Live Hay'd anthem "Feed The Buns"

Feed The Buns


It’s summertime, there’s no need to be afraid.


In summertime we eat our greens and munch our hay


And in our world of plenty, we can run and binkie high


Throw your paws around the world its Live Hay’d time


But say a prayer, and pray for the other buns


Its live Hay’d time when we think of the unloved ones


There’s a world outside your garden, and it’s a world of fear and cold


Where the water bottle’s empty, and the food is wet and old


Where the hutch is small and dirty, with the bedding all soaked through


Well tonight thank Frith it’s them instead of you!


And there won’t be homes for all the buns this summertime


Their greatest gift they’ll get this year is life


Where no grass ever grows, and no-one rubs their nose


Do they know its Summertime at all.


Here’s to you lots of veg for everybun


Here’s to them that are prisoners everyone


Do they know its summertime at all



Feed the buns – let them know its Live Hay’d time and


Fill their tums – let them know its Live Hay’d time……….. repeat to fade.......



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