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Well after my tummy trouble, I did not feel like writing for a couple of days, but I'm fine now. However.....

My best girl Flopsy has been dropping hints. She's been looking in the mirror and asking "Does my bum look big with this poo stuck to it?

Anyway, to cut a long story (and a lot of posing and posturing short), she has decided she needs cosmetic surgery, she has gone in today for a "tummy tuck"! I ask you, a bloody tummy tuck! What next, breast implant? Botox injections? I keep saying to her, Flopsy Girl, I love you just the way you are, but will she listen?

What I want to know is, with Flopsy away having her op, who is going to groom me? How am I expected to reach my own nose? and of course as soon as she comes home, SHE will be getting ALL the attention, I can see it now, nobody will have any time for me!

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