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Not a dry eye in the burrow

We have all sat enraptured for over an hour watching the Live Hay'd DVD At the start it made us all laugh, by half way through we were all singing along, towards the end we were in tears watching Hare recite her poem and then listening to "Over the rainbow", but then the mood changed again and there was a great finale!!!

I know that most of the DVD is only 2-foots, but for once everybun and 2-foot involved has done a magnificent job with special thanks due to Maddie's 2-foot for taking all of the material and shaping it into something very special.

I can promise you that when you see it (not if... WHEN!) you will be enthralled!!!!!

The only two things left to do now are:-

1. To remind you where to look for details of how to get your copy http://www.freewebs.com/bunnytunes/

2. And to remind everybun to vote in the BunnyTunes chart. So far, we have had votes from - Maddie, Jettymob, Burrow Court and from Gretchen

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