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An URGENT LIA assignment. Your help is needed NOW!!!

As most of you will know only too well, one of Merry & Ringo's pet 2-foots (Mrs Andy) has been in hop-sit-all for several months now. Mr. Andy has decided that it would be REALLY good for her if she could see Merry & Ringo, so he wants to find a way to smuggle them into the hop-sit-all grounds so that he can take Mrs Andy out to see them.

The problems are these:-

1. He doesn't want them to be in a carrier as that's no way to interact
2. The 2-foots that run the hop-sit-all would object if they saw Merry & Ringo in the grounds
3. The buns have to be made comfortable as it's an hour's drive each way from the burrow to the hop-sit-all and back.
4. Mrs Andy can't move very far at all, so they would need to be quite close to where they could be seen.

Millie & I need your ideas. We MUST help Merry & Ringo to see their pet 2-foot. Please let me have your suggestions as soon as possible.

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