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10 things It's good to know

A list of 10 things that it's good to know

1. A leg at each corner is so much better than 2 legs dangling down.
2. The bigger your ears are, the more of them there is to rub
3. You can torture a 2-foot just by tickling them with your whiskers
4. Carrots (I don't mean parsley) carrots are a bun's best friend - (see Live Hay'd)
5. If it's too big to jump over,you can generally chew through it
6. Even if it's not too big to jump over you can generally chew through it
7. Walls & doors are good to eat
8. 2-foots do NOT require sleep, it's ok to wake them to demand treats at any time
9. The contents of your litter tray can be spread to cover an AMAZING distance
10. You can get away with anything just so long as it's followed by a flop.

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