dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

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Starting a trend

Ok, I'll see how Flopsy gets on, then maybe I'll start working as a consultant on cosmetic surgery, I've already had my first enquiry......

Hello Dandy, Biccy here,
I hope your girlfriend is OK when she comes home from the nasty vets
(when ever I go, i always feel worse than when i went in humph!) but
please could you ask her to reccomend a good vets for cosmetic
surgery? Between you and me, i am not sure if Millie and Poppy fancy
me as i am a bit podgy in the middle. Maybe some surgery will make me
a hunk and irresistable to them!!!! I could have all the does in the
neighbourhood after me! I have gotta go, mummy is coming back up the

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