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Oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear it's the best thing EVER!!!
I've never tasted anything like it!!!
How can I get more!!!

Last night, the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head was rustling a bag. Often, this means treats, but on this occasion he was stuffing his own face with the contents. Now normally, here is where my interest would cease as 2-foot food is rubbish, but I must say that this stuff smelt strangely attractive.

Anyway, the 2-foot accidentally dropped a small piece on the floor and I snaffled it, AND IT WAS LIKE EATING HEAVEN!!! Millie found another little piece and she agreed, so we both jumped up on him and mugged him and would not leave him alone until he gave us some more. He would only give us a REALLY tiny amount though as he said it might make us ill, but I don't see how it could, I mean it was just FANTASTIC. Millie looked on the tin that the bag had come out of and she said that it's called Thorn-ton specialtoffee. I don't know what Thorn-ton specialtoffee is, but if it wasn't for the fact that BT4 is all but finished and I'm about to announce the release date I would write a song about it and record it!!!

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