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That time of year again

It's almost the time of year when we all think about sending each other Chris-Moose cards. Those of you that have been around for a while will know that we publish a list of everybuns addresses so that you can make sure that you send cards to all your friends. We have addresses for:-

Willoe Casper & Saffy
Bramble’s Pack
The Hare-Um
Cheeky & Coco
Bruno Bun
Jasmine and Bosley
Maddie & The Furry Mob
Friska and Smudge
Star & Sweetpea
Princess Taz
Snowball Thomas
Dandy & Misty
Gretchen Bun
Dylan & Miffy
Daphne & Maximus
Merry & Ringo
Hatty & Austin

If you are not on the list and would like to be added to it, send an e-mail with your details to bcnews@talktalk.net

We will make the list available to everybun that requests it when we are sure that we have got it up to date.

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