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Aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! it's a con-spirry-sea

When I came to update my journal a few hours ago I came to the 'puter, typed in the correct address, but... but... NO JOURNAL!!! MY JOURNAL HAD GONE, AND SO HAD EVERYBUN ELSE'S!!!

When I came back to the 'puter just now I'm very pleased to say that the journals were back, but being a good LIA agent, I decided to hin-vest-he-gate.

As I suspected, it was the 2-foot's fault. It was all to do with their food. As you are all aware, most 2-foot food is disgusting. which is why some 2-foots that prepare and serve the food for the 2-foots that are supposed to maintain the BIG 'puter that stores all of our journals ran away.

Hoparrantly, these 2-foots who are caller servers have run away from where they were in San-fran-siss-ko to a place called Monty-nanna. While all this was going on there was a big panic and the journals couldn't be ack-sessed. It's all sorted out now though and ALL the 2-foots concerned are now in Monty-nanna and the servers have agreed to start serving again.

If only the 2-foots could learn to eat hay and salad, none of this kind of thing would happen, but still, it's hard enough to train them to look after us without expecting such an inferior species to learn how to eat properly too I suppose.

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