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Our Chris-Moose visit

Every year at around this time we visit Auntie Francis (The best bunny vet in the world) to deliver her Chris-Moose card, and the latest BunnyTunes album as her Chris-Moose present. Well today we went along to see her and she was REALLY pleased to see us. She wrapped us both up in a towel to make sure that we were warm enough, and then said how great we looked. We both said afterwards that we felt a little prick behind our shoulder blades, but I think we must have imagined it. Anyway, she must have werked some kind of magic on us because hoparrently we are both now protected against VHD for another year!

I think we are going to go back and see her again between Chris-Moose and New Year so that we can wish her a hoppy new year as well.

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