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A practical way to help

We have all spent months and months sending healing vibes for Merry & Ringo's pet 2-foot Auntie Sue. Some of you will also know how hard Mr. Andy is werking to look after her and how because of all the extra expense he can't afford to buy any new materials to do his art, well I think we may be able to help.

There is a brand new Chris-Moose BunnyTune. It will ONLY be available by download, and the download site will only be made known on an individual basis to anybun making a donation to the Mr. Andy art fund. Maddie will be advising you all shortly exactly how to donate and how to get your new Chris-Moose BunnyTune.

If we can't raise enough between us to buy Mr. Andy a new paintbrush then I'll eat my scutt!!!

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