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Another report on 2-foot werk

As we have already had an egg-sell-ent report from Moab & Hester about what 2-foot does do at werk I decided to see what bucks do, so this morning, I slipped out un-noticed and jumped into the back of his metal box on wheels when he was putting his things in it.

Here's how the day went.

1. He dove around for a bit and then talked on the fellytone.
2. He sent some e-mails from his laptop
3. He drove some more and then stopped outside a building. I saw through the window and all he did was sit down in an office and have a chat with another 2-foot
4. He talked some more on the fellytone and played with his laptop a bit more.
5. He drove some more and then went into another building for a sit down and a chat.

He continued doing this ALL DAY! I NEVER saw him do any actual werk!!!

I think he just goes out for a ride in the box on wheels to pass the time with other 2-foots and to drink tea and to play with his laptop.

I wonder if I should still allow him to go?

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