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What a day!

The strangers came to bring the white thing, ok, so far, so good. But did they make it work? Did they Frith! all they did was make even more noise than last time, knock great big holes in the wall, and then go away again. They are not coming back until Tuesday. I hope it does not snow again.


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Oct. 24th, 2003 11:21 am (UTC)
What a day!
Well, that's just typical! They promise to do things and then they don't - what is it with these 2foots? I dunno - we wouldn't do anything like that now would we Dandy?
Glad to hear that you took your treat ball with you under the table - why should those strangers have your raisins? They can go and get their own from a place called "The shops" if they want any. Ooooh, these strangers make me mad!!!! We had strangers in our house today - the washing machine man came to fix the washer AGAIN - we have only had it five weeks and it broke again! Poor mum was nearly like your 2foot with no hair! I mean to say - how the heck can I have clean vet bed for in front of the fire if the machine is broken! No consideration at all - tut tut! We shall have to see if we can teach these 2foots and strangers a lesson!
How's Flopsy Girl - not too shaken up by the strangers I hope.
I hope that the weather can hold out until you get the white thing fixed - if not you can ask your 2foots for the quilt off their bed :-)
Speak soon Dandy boy - regards to Flopsy Girl
Mr Jingles and the rest of the hairy mob
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