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25 things.....

... About me, Millie and the 2foots.

1. Rex Rabbits have the most amazing fur you can imagine
2. If you scratch my right ear I lick my right paw. If you scratch my left ear I lick my left paw
3. I binkie every night when my evening meal is served
4. I don't like going outdoors
5. I like to chew doors
6. She likes to wee on the 2-foot's bed
7. She doesn't like slippy floors
8. She likes to be carried downstairs for her evening meal
9. She likes to hump my head
10. At evening mealtime she always eats the pineapple first before anything else
The 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head
11. He only has 2 paper qualifications, a certificate to say that he has donated 100 pints of blood, and a certificate to say that he can swim 25 yards
12. He started to lose his hair when he was 15 years old
13. He cannot draw or paint
14. He still has the first record he ever bought (I love you baby by Paul Anka in 1957 when he was 4)
15. He is allergic to oysters
16. He has 2356 CD's (not including BunnyTunes)
17. There is more fur in his ears & nose than on his head
The 2-foot with the fur on the top of her head
18. She can't cook and NEVER makes a meal
19. She can't drive
20. She ALWAYS wears a red nose on comic relief day
21. She has never met a rabbit she doesn't like
22. She hates bullies and once called the police when someone pushed in front of her in a taxi queue
23. Her hair went grey in her mid 20's
24. She has bunions
25. She is lovely and we all love her (but don't tell anybun that as it would ruin my reputation)

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