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The weekend starts here!

Hoparrently, this is what is known as a long weekend... The 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head is not going back to werk until Tuesday, but he needn't think that he's going to be hanging around here OH NO!

We are going to let him stay in the burrow tomorrow, but on Satty-day we are going to send him to see Aged Auntie Gladys to tell her to bring us lots of treats on Monday, and on Sunday, we are sending both of our 2-foots to Bunny Camp to help out with the Easter Open Day.

And that was GOING to be the full eggs-tent of my entry today until I just heard something VERY worrying on the news on the light-up box. The 2-foot police have arrested Paul Hutchinson for murder. They have OBVIOUSLY got the WRONG 2-foot as OUR pet 2-foot is Paul Hutchinson! Do you think he will murder us?

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